Before the formal and appropriately sombre commemorative services for the Centenary of WWI take place in the town, the Town Council invites you to gain some insight into the life of a British soldier at war and away from home. In contrast, insight will also be given of life in wartime Britain.

Located in Leighton Buzzard High Street, alongside our usual Charter market on Saturday 6th October, between 1000 and 1600 in the High Street, displays and interactive demonstrations of wartime life will be in full swing. See how soldiers would cook, what weapons they used and what their first aid arm post would consist of. There will also be an Army Signal School for Children and the opportunity to take on board some WWI training including drill experiences and marching!

To set the scene, an original WWI Bi-plane will be positioned in the town centre accompanied by a pilot and crew. Come along and have your photo taken whilst sitting in the bi-plane!

Watch the demonstration of a WWI Flying Corp/RAF. You will learn all about life as an airman during the Great War. The group will undertake a ‘dress the airman’ presentation and how a pilot would be dressed in order to deal with flying the aircraft.

There will be plenty to do. Take the chance to experience what childhood schools and toys were like at this time with toy soldier pewter casting and painting workshops, school life experiences and introductions to period games. House husbandry is also included with butter making.

Completing the day, the quartet of musicians from RAF Halton Voluntary Band and local “Voice in a Million” star, Fiona Harrison, will be performing renditions of WWI songs.

And in this year of the centenary of the Suffrage movement, learn about women’s suffrage during the Edwardian period; their role, the fight for equality and the right to vote!

The Town Council invites you to come and join us for the stories behind the battles that shaped the world today!

Should you require any further information, please make contact with a member of the team, by email or by phone 01525 631918.

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