Copy Of 5 Year Plan

The Town Council adopted its Five Year Plan and objectives for 2019-2024 in April 2019.  The objectives have primarily arisen from ongoing Town Council aims as well as the priorities identified in consultation with residents in the autumn of 2018, when a face to face survey was carried out with just under 500 residents of the parish.

Town Council objectives are progressed through its four standing committees: Policy & Finance, Planning & Transport, Cultural & Economic and Grounds & Environment. At each committee meeting, the work plan is reviewed and updates given. Each committee sets its priorities for the coming year in March/April in line with the Town Council’s budget and Five Year Financial Plan. You can view the committee work plans by visiting the Committees page and looking at the meeting agendas.

The Five Year Plan document was last updated in January 2020 and since then, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an inevitable impact upon the delivery of objectives and on Council priorities.  The Plan will be updated again in future but a number of updates can be seen below (as at October 2020):

#1: New Technologies – the Council has adapted to the pandemic by using MS Teams for internal and public meetings

#4: Customer Service – the Council has had to close its doors due to the pandemic and this project is therefore delayed

#6: Volunteer Policy – this is in the process of being updated following consultation with voluntary organisations and partners

#14: Parish Boundary – the Council has recently responded to the Boundary Commission consultation on ward boundaries

#17: Town Ranger – the Council is working with Central Bedfordshire Council to source equipment for the provision of services such as graffiti removal

#19: Heritage – the Council has just launched an online trail featuring the history of local shops

#27: Older People – a working group is reviewing options following consultation with older people

#31: Memorial services – pricing has just been agreed for a range of memorialisation options

#45: Facilities – the Council has just agreed the installation of outdoor table tennis tables in four parks

#47: Allotments- the Council has seen an enormous and unprecedented increase in enquiries for allotments since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will be monitoring this closely to see whether demand continues on this level.

Partnership Projects

In addition to delivering objectives to improve areas for which it is directly responsible – such as Parks and Open Spaces, Playgrounds and Allotments – the Town Council continues to work in partnership with other organisations (in particular, Central Bedfordshire Council) to aim towards the bigger, longer term aspirations for the parish.  Central Bedfordshire Council has responsibility for planning, social care, education, community safety, waste and recycling, housing, homelessness, leisure and environmental services.

A “Partnership Project List” was approved by Council on 28 September 2020 summarises the aspirations for the town of which the Town Council is supportive.  Many of these aspirations originate from extensive public consultation which took place in creating the previous Town Plans: Big Plan (2007-2011) and Big Plan II (2011-2017).  In continuing to press for these aspirations, we ensure that the input of all those who contributed to the creation of these plans is not lost.

These aspirations will be considered, reviewed and monitored through the Partnership Committee, which comprises 5 Town Councillors and 5 Central Bedfordshire Councillors and meets five times per year. Its work plan can be found on the meeting agendas for the Partnership Committee.

You can view the Partnership Projects List at the bottom of this page.

Summary of key objectives

The following objectives and timescales were agreed by Council in September 2019. However, delivery has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Project plans will be revisited as part of the budget planning process for the 2021-22 budget.

1 Town Ranger service (from 1 April 2020)
2 Drinking water fountains
3 Changing pod facility in Parson’s Close Recreation Ground
4 Additional memorialisation options (already underway)
5 Initial scoping work on services for older people (survey/consultation) – to be progressed thereafter
4 Adventure playground
5 Consideration of overflow car parking at Linslade Memorial Playing Fields and Garden of Remembrance
6 Projects for young people (arising from current survey/consultation) – possibly including BMX track improvement/development
7 Second Mausoleum (subject to interest)
Partnership/longer term project list 
8 Skate park improvement
9 Cultural and community facility
10 Soft play facility
11 Vandyke Road youth club
12 Leighton-Linslade Green Wheel
13 Additional cemetery land
14 Additional allotment land
15 Improved accommodation for TACTIC
16 Restoration of Henry Finch memorial fountain
17 Recycling of cups and glasses at events


The Council has also adopted a set of environmental ambitions which can be seen below.