Town Centre Logo showing silhouettes of Leighton Buzzard's iconic buildings

The Town Centre gets a new logo!

We would like to introduce you to our Leighton Buzzard town logo. Our logo hints at the physical evolution of the Town Centre – we are taken on a journey through centuries and decades. The Town Centre has never stood still and will continue to evolve in its physicality, use and responses to visitor wants and desires. We have a broadening world of retail options, leisure time choices and how we gather as residents.

The evolution of our town continues…

Read the full story behind the logo.


Using our logo

With the High Street preparing to re-open, we would like to share our ‘Keeping It Local’ posters, logo and digital assets with all Town Centre businesses for use in your own campaigns. Visit our Keeping it Local page.

Keeping it Local – Supporting Local Business

We know it has not been easy. All of us, as human beings, have been affected in some way. We as your Parish Council have had to adapt facing the same challenges as you have, whilst serving our community.

The economic resilience of our Town Centre’s small businesses is threatened. Some businesses have found ways to continue to serve our community, however many have been unable to do this. Some businesses have sought support from government and are using this time to make changes and adapt. We also know there will be some businesses who will not be able to continue to serve our community.

But as well as challenges, the pandemic has shown us how successful we can be when we work together. Our town can thrive when the community, council and local businesses join forces and support our vibrant local economy. We are developing initiatives with our partners who support Leighton-Linslade Town Council in supporting the economic activity of the town. We will share more with you in due course.

In the meantime here’s a video to remind us of what we have been missing in our vibrant High Street!
Please stay alert to stay safe.

Our town centre, located in the Leighton Buzzard aspect of the town, will serve all your convenience needs as well as provide your backdrop for leisure and social activities. Meeting friends for coffee is a great reason to visit the centre and whilst you are there, why not get your nails done, nip into the bank and perhaps treat yourself to some new clothes or get that ‘bit’ you need to finish off the DIY project.

The picturesque medieval high street provides a diverse selection of independent and High Street branded shops. Twice a week the High Street hosts the thriving Charter Market (Tuesday and Saturday) and running alongside this, there are speciality markets such as the Farmers and Handmade and Craft markets which run on a monthly basis. Read more about our market.

A meal in the town centre before a film showing or stage show at the Library Theatre, Lake Street perhaps? We have an array of pubs and restaurants to enjoy day or night, many still occupying their original historic buildings. For social history lovers, many stories can be learnt of events that took place in and around them. A good starting place to discover this is the publication, Changing Faces of Our Pubs, (Leighton-Linslade Town Council and Leighton Buzzard and District Archaeological and History Society, 2016).

For those who need to plan a visit in more detail, access information for the town centre can be found via the AccessAble website.

Shops and Services
Looking for a particular shop or service? Our Town Centre Shops and Services Map and Directory will point you in the right direction.

The upkeep of town centre benches is managed by the Town Council, please get in touch should you spot an issue with one.

Bus Stops
27 of the towns bus stops are maintained by the Town Council. If you would like to report an issue, please get in touch. 

Buzzard Free WiFi
Town Centre WiFi brings our historic High Street into the modern age, helping visitors stay in touch, informed and in our town. Read our Wifi FAQ’s.

Christmas lights
The Town Council provides Christmas lighting to celebrate the season and encourage shopping in the town during the darker months.

Children’s Trail
Plan a visit to take a walk around the children’s story book inspired Children’s Trail. Our innovative Children’s Trail hosts a series of 22 pieces of public art creating a free literary themed trail in and around the centre of the town and its town centre park, Parson’s Close Recreation Ground. 

Living History Trail
Our town centre is the host to many an historic tale. Find out more about the town, it’s history and the people of our past. We launched the Living History Trail in 2019. Discover who walked down these streets before you. This trail captures a glimpse into the lives of ordinary townsfolk and shares the impact they left on the town’s history. What mark will you leave?

There are 4 town centre defibrillators maintained by the Town Council which can be located:

  • Leighton Library, Lake Street, LU7 1RX
  • Multi-storey Car Park, (pedestrian entrance at Waterborne shop parade, LU7 1DD)
  • Post Office, LU7 1AA
  • Cumbria House, (Connells Building), Hockliffe Street, LU7 1GN

Should you need to use one:

Contact the emergency services; Call 999 and give them the number on the Defibrillator box.

You will be given a code to unlock the box to retrieve the defibrillator. The defibrillator will then guide you through the use of the machine. View our short video on how a defibrillator works.

High Street Flags
The Town Council ensures a warm and uplifting welcome to town centre visitors by decorating the town.

Lamp post banners
Most of the lamp post banners are maintained by the Town Council. They serve to celebrate the town and inform visitors of the successes, services and events that the Town has and offers to people.

The various planters around the town are maintained by the Town Council. Many of them during the summer period link to the Town’s In Bloom projects. The planting schemes aim to welcome visitors and present a warm and inviting place to spend time shopping or meeting with friends and family for leisure purposes.

Public Toilets
The public toilets are adjoined to the multi-storey car park building and accessed via Waterborne Walk or the West Street entrance to that car park. They comprise a dedicated nappy changing room, women and men’s toilets (inclusive of a nappy changing cubical) and a combined accessible toilet and shower room.

The facility benefits from an onsite attendant who, in summer, is also responsible for cleaning the toilets located in Parson’s Close Recreation Ground, so may be off-site occasionally during the summer period.

Opening times:
08:00 – 17:30 (Monday to Saturday)
09:00 – 15:30 (Sunday)

Shower access – The shower is part of the combined accessible toilet which has a radar key lock. For non-radar key holders, access to the shower can be secured with the help of the on-site attendant. (Please note during the summer months the attendant may be off-site for a short while as well as having a lunch-time work break.)

Much of the non-highways signage is maintained by the Town Council to aid navigation around the town, pointing out directions to shops and services.

Road and traffic signage is owned and maintained by Central Bedfordshire Council.

Town centre events
Our High Street lends itself as the venue for many community events delivered by local organisations as well as the Town Council.

The annual May Fayre, Carnival, Big Lunch Food Festival and Christmas Festival weekend, all attract good numbers and positive vibes. The community spirit is a must to enjoy as we gather together at events and showcase our talents, local community networks and groups, and have fun!

See our full event information.