Guidelines for use of Playgrounds & Outdoor Gyms

In line with Government guidelines we are pleased to have re-opened Town Council managed playgrounds and outdoor gyms, albeit with strict restrictions in place. To minimise risk, numbers are limited and hygiene measures must be adhered to.

All of our playgrounds and gyms have been fully risk-assessed individually and banners are on display in each playground with the guidance for that specific area, (example below). Please take time to check the guidance in full on your arrival at the playground.

You can also scroll down the page to view the maximum permitted people each playground. Please note this is maximum people, not maximum children.

All outdoor gym stations are restricted to one person at a time.

We will spray a bleach-free, non-hazardous, non-toxic sanitiser on all equipment once a week, but it is important that all who use our equipment bring their own hygiene equipment and observe the relevant guidelines displayed at that location.

Your safety is our priority.

Example of guidance banner:

Park Banner

Maximum playground capacities


Please note that the figures below are maximum TOTAL PEOPLE, including accompanying adults.

If your local playground is not shown below, it is not one managed by the Town Council, but may be managed by Central Bedfordshire Council. Examples include play areas at Appenine Way, Nelson Road and Oakley Green. See Central Bedfordshire Council’s website for further details.

Adams Bottom – 7

Alwins Field – 9

Astral Park – 9

Danes Field – 8

Derwent Road – 7

Dimmock Close – 4

Draper Way – 2

Johnson Drive – 2

Linslade Memorial Playing Field (Junior)  – 14

Linslade Memorial Playing Field (Toddler) – 4

Linslade Recreation Ground – 10

Mill Road – 8

Nicholson Drive – 4

Pages Park – 10

Parson’s Close Recreation Ground – 14

Parson’s Close Recreation Ground (Beach) – 8

Parson’s Close Recreation Ground (Splash and Play) – 10

Ridgley Drive – 2

Vandyke Road Playing Fields – 6

Vimy Road – 2

Weston Avenue – 6