Are you organising an event in town? Are you a local Group? Are you running a local initiative?

Forward your poster and a small paragraph about your subject and a member of the team will include it on our online community noticeboard. We also have 11 physical noticeboards around the town, if you would like your poster to be circulated please bring 11 posters into us at The White House.

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Key Creative Christmas Concert
Christmas Poster 2021 Final2
Mayors Carol Concert
Danny Graceland
Cbc Street Name Proposal
Trinity Church Christmas Poster
Yoga Teacher Training (002)
Yoga For Mum Baby (002)
Pregnancy Yoga (002)
General Grants Poster Nov 2021
Tasha's Yoga
Key Creatives Tuesday Group
Cbc Unhealthy Relationships
Helping Hearts
Kids Tweens Teens Yoga (003)
Walk For Health
Mencap Volunteers
Little Luvvies
Feel Fabs
The Puzzle Day Centre
Spectrum Needs You Volunteer Recruitment Poster
Timebank Flier Side 1
Timebank Flier Side 2
Spanish Lessons for Kids advert
Razzamataz Theatre School
Inspiring Music
The Lighthouse poster for mental health support
Vaccine Application
Vaccine Volunteer Poster
Tot Bop Online Poster Nov 20
Epson Mfp Image
Creative Connections Flyer for their Vacani Therapy sessions