The Town Council conducts the majority of business through a structure of five main Committees and four Sub-Committees, meeting on a regular basis throughout the year. All Council and Committee meetings are open to the public and the agendas and minutes of meetings are published on the website.

Members of the public may speak for up to three minutes per person at meetings, regarding items which are on that meeting agenda. A total of 15 minutes per meeting is allocated for public speaking.

Any queries or comments regarding items not on the meeting agenda cannot be discussed and should be put in writing to the Town Clerk.

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Meetings from 7 May – 21 June 2021 cannot be held remotely due to expiry of temporary legislation permitting digital local council meetings and have therefore been cancelled

Meetings will resume on a face to face basis after 21 June 2021 but only once Covid risk mitigation measures can be established and an appropriate risk assessment has been approved by Council.

Between 7 May 2021 until meetings resume, decisions are delegated to the Proper Officer following email consultation with elected Members of the Council.  Please contact your town councillor if you would like further information.

Planning applications: we would remind residents that the Town Council is only a consultee in the planning process and would strongly recommend residents write to the planning authority, Central Bedfordshire Council, with any comments on current or pending planning applications.  You may also wish to make your views known to a town councillor who is on the Town Council’s Planning and Transport Committee.

Planning applications due to be considered by members of the Planning & Transport Committee on 12 May are:


Change of Use: from amenity land to private garden and replacement

1.8m high fence and gate.

 CB/21/01633 13 LAMMAS WALK

Erection of single 2-storey dwelling.

 CB/21/01851            3 MARKET COURT, HOCKLIFFE STREET

Proposal: Conversion of the rear ground floor, first floor and loft from retail to residential. Demolish buildings to the rear of the retail premises.

Construction of 2.5 and 2 storey residential buildings. 15 apartments/maisonettes. Re-landscaping of existing courtyard,

construction general refuse, recycling stores and cycle stores.

 CB/21/01686/OUT               MILLSTREAM WORKS, MILL ROAD

Outline application, demolition of all existing buildings, redevelopment of the site for up to 146 residential units, alterations to existing access, parking provision and open space. Access only.

If you have any comments on these applications please contact a member of the Planning and Transport Committee or email to: Please ensure any comments are also submitted to the planning authority, Central Bedfordshire Council.


Grounds and Environmental Services Committee – comprises nine Councillors and deals with matters including parks, pavilions, cemeteries, allotments, play areas and green spaces.
View recent Grounds and Environmental Service Committee agendas and minutes.

Cultural and Economic Services Committee – comprises nine Councillors and deals with matters including the street market, community promotions and events, business and economic development.
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Policy and Finance Committee – comprises eleven Councillors and deals with matters including finance, auditing, staffing matters, policies and accommodation. View recent Policy and Finance Committee agendas and minutes.

Planning and Transport Committee – comprises nine Councillors and considers planning applications and transport matters within the Parish. All comments and requests are forwarded to Central Bedfordshire Council as the Planning and Highways Authority for a final decision.
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Partnership Committee – comprises five Town Councillors and five Central Bedfordshire Councillors and deals with matters including the town centre, supporting the local business economy, tourism, community engagement and projects on which the two Councils can work in partnership. View recent Partnership Committee agendas and minutes.

The Annual Parish Meeting, held each March, provides an opportunity for residents to come and find out more about what the Town Council does and to ask questions of their Councillors.

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