Three people in Victorian period costume sitting on the steps of the Market Cross monument in Leighton Buzzard High Street.
Event Information
September and October dates to be confirmed
Leighton Buzzard High Street

Living History Day

The Living History event scheduled for the 5th October will now be replaced with a series of smaller demonstrations and exhibits across September and October, if Government Guidelines allow us to do so.


Last year’s Living History Event took place on Saturday 5th October in the High Street and showcased life in Victorian Britain. We were honoured to be graced by Her Majesty Queen Victoria with her private secretary appearing during the day, alongside Cavalryman with house providing talks and demonstrations throughout.

Visitors were able to to see first-hand the skills and crafts which were developed and honed in Victorian Britain which included candle and yarn making, as well as fibre weaving and fabric dyeing.

For those wishing to sample some of the cuisine of the time, a roast chestnut seller adorned the High Street with sounds and smells of their cooked wares.

Throughout the day visitors were treated to appearances by Victorian characters providing an insight into life at all levels of the Victorian society and the daily struggles which they faced. Could you live in the by-gone era?

For all the information on last year’s event and more details of what happened on the day visit our Facebook Living History event page.

Last year’s annual Living History day commemorated the WW1 Centenary with an insight into life as a British solider at home and away from home. Located in Leighton Buzzard High Street, displays and interactive demonstrations of wartime took place. Visitors to the event saw how soldiers would cook, what weapons they used and what their first aid¬† post would consist of. There was also an Army Signal School for Children and the opportunity to take on board some WWI training including drill experiences and marching!

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See some pictures from previous years below: