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Event dates and times:
Wednesday 6 October, (12.00-14.00) Wednesday 13 October, (12.00-14.00) Saturday 23 October, (10.00-12.00) Saturday 30 October, (10.00-12.00)
The TACTIC Centre

Black History Month

Saturday 2 October saw the collaborative launch of Black History Month between the Town Council and three residents. Cllr Kharawala, Town Mayor welcomed over 30 attendees to the morning presentation given by resident, Ken Breinburg.

Ken said, “If this one month opens people’s minds, I’m happy there is a Black History Month, but one month is not enough. If you want to learn about Black history, study white history.“

Ken shared a personal perspective of growing up in the England entwining information into how Black people came to be in the UK. Members of the audience engaged in discussion and agreed that seeking out alternative perspectives was an important element of learning.

Post presentation, audience members responded, “Many congratulations for an excellent presentation – it was a dramatic and perfect combination of passion and facts , the personal and the Global with a call for Colonialism to be brought into the school curriculum. It was great that the Mayor of our Town was involved.”

One other feedback, “Ken spoke so passionately and at times it really moved me. Having been born in Kenya and coming here at age 5 I remember not knowing what colour I was there, and not questioning things until I arrived in the UK. And the differences were harshly pointed out….and you ask the question Will It Change? I feel that things will change, perhaps not in our lifetime , but [one day] we will all identify as one human race.”

Local photographer and social documenter, Taffy Nthini, filmed the presentation and took photographic stills for sharing and putting onto the Council’s social media platforms.

For those wanting to engage further in the month-long activity, local resident Christine Sheppard will be facilitating four learning sessions during October. She asks, “So what do we do next? Remember that no-one is born racist. Racism confuses us about ourselves, and about other people who are different to us.” With that in mind,  Christine invites people to come along to one of the “Understanding White Racism” sessions to help us make sense of  what white racism is, where did it come from, how does it affect us as white people, and what can we do about it?”

Each session is free and last 2hours. Interested people can attend just the once or more often.  The location is the TACTIC centre, (LU7 1EZ), fee entry.


Wednesday 6 October, (12.00-14.00)
Wednesday 13 October, (12.00-14.00)
Saturday 23 October, (10.00-12.00)
Saturday 30 October, (10.00-12.00)