Leighton-Linslade in Bloom

The Friends of Leighton-Linslade in Bloom only exists because of our team of dedicated volunteers; this year’s campaign has been the most enjoyable yet!

The Friends of Leighton-Linslade in Bloom are from all walks of life with a common interest to improve, enhance and sustain the environment for all who live, work in and visit Leighton Buzzard and Linslade. Members meet monthly to receive updates of projects and activities.

Each member has a specific role to fulfil throughout the year and reports to each meeting. Meetings are lively and busy occasions dealing with: planning of the annual programme and budget; submission and updating of individual project briefs; detailed planning for regional and hopefully national competitions one day, as well as our own annual local environmental competitions.

If you would like to volunteer with the Friends of Leighton-Linslade in Bloom please contact us.

In summary, the ‘In Bloom’ Team in the past few years is proud to have created… a more beautiful town “in bloom” with more planting, costing less and is proud that our campaigns have seen a;

  • Over 400% increase in money raised for charity
  • Over 100% increase in sustainable planting
  • Over 30% increase in biodiversity
  • Over 50% increase in community involvement

Achievements and Goals for the Future
Through the Leighton-Linslade in Bloom initiative we have encouraged and brought together business, organisations and volunteers to support and help develop floral, sustainable and environmental habitat areas across Leighton Buzzard and Linslade.

Our key achievements and goals for the future are:

  • To work closely with Leighton-Linslade Town Council and Central Bedfordshire Council.
  • To continue our close working relationship with local environmental groups.
  • To take every opportunity to enhance biodiversity and conservation and expand the wildflower and natural planting in support of bee populations.
  • Encourage even more participation from residents and community groups.
  • Seek new gateway features for the Parish that will highlight the cultural, economic and historical aspects of the towns.
  • Continue with our programme of more permanent and sustainable ‘green planting’ features.
  • Encourage schools and youth organisations to take part and bring their energy to the campaign.
  • Seek more sponsorship and involvement from local businesses.
  • Continually encourage more involvement from the community to ensure the future success of Leighton-Linslade in Bloom and increase the involvement of The Friends of Leighton-Linslade in Bloom.
  • Continue to support Community Garden projects.
  • Continue to support local charities.