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Now is the time to start thinking local, spending local and keeping it local

The Keeping It Local LB campaign is a local initiative designed to encourage those who live in Leighton-Linslade to keep it local first. 

Our small businesses whether a restaurant, cafe, book shop or gift shop, are the centre of our local economy. The people who run those businesses are our friends, brothers and sisters, neighbours and more, and their investment in a town centre business is an investment in our town community.  Whether it’s a last-minute birthday gift or catching up with friends in the local pub, our town centre is always there for the community as well as visitors.  

By using the Keeping It Local message accompanied by this distinctive town centre logo, we aim to keep Leighton Buzzard at the forefront of people’s minds, placing it firmly on the destination map. The instantly recognisable logo shows a pride in our town centre, our history and our businesses that operate within.  

Our High Street is not just a series of buildings where people live, or things are bought and sold – it tells a story of investment, interactions and the numerous characters involved.  

Join us in celebrating Leighton Buzzard town centre.  

You can find out more information about our Town Centre, including Geo-Sense Footfall Counting


If you are not a business yet want to help, consider buying a reusable logo shopping bag, only £2 and all money raised goes to the Mayor’s Charites. You can buy them from Leighton-Linslade Town Council Offices or 

  • Happydashery, High St. 
  • Gennaro Organic Hair and Beauty, Bridge St.  
  • Kings Road Fashions, Peacock Mews. 

If you are a business, we welcome the use of the logo in your promotions. You can download it below. 

Please tag us in @lltcnews and use the hashtag #KeepingItLocalLB  

Small Business Resources

Leighton Buzzard Logo Brand Kit

*All logos remain the property of Leighton-Linslade Town Council. 

The logo may be used without permission in support of the ‘Keeping it local’ messaging and promotion of the Town Centre. The logo must not be used for political lobbying or campaigning purposes. 


Local Business Directories 

If you are a bricks & mortar business in Leighton Buzzard Town Centre or Linslade, register your business for free here: www.shoplocallb.co.uk

If you don’t fall within this remit you can register your business free of charge here: https://leightonbuzzarddirectory.co.uk/

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Leighton Buzzard Directory

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