Keeping it Local – Supporting Local Business

We know it has not been easy. All of us, as human beings, have been affected in some way. We as your Parish Council have had to adapt facing the same challenges as you have, whilst serving our community.

The economic resilience of our Town Centre’s small businesses is threatened. Some businesses have found ways to continue to serve our community, however many have been unable to do this. Some businesses have sought support from government and are using this time to make changes and adapt. We also know there will be some businesses who will not be able to continue to serve our community.

But as well as challenges, the pandemic has shown us how successful we can be when we work together. Our town can thrive when the community, council and local businesses join forces and support our vibrant local economy. We are developing initiatives with our partners who support Leighton-Linslade Town Council in supporting the economic activity of the town. We will share more with you in due course.

In the meantime here’s a video to remind us of what we have been missing in our vibrant High Street!

Please stay alert to stay safe.

Leighton Buzzard logo for print

We would like to share our ‘Keeping It Local’ posters, logo and digital assets with public/Town Centre businesses for use in your own campaigns*

Please refer to the brand kit to guide your promotional activity.

The messages on these assets reflect current Government legislation & guidance as of 11/06/2020.

*All logos remain the property of Leighton-Linslade Town Council.
The logo may be used without permission in support of the 'Keeping it local' messaging and promotion of the Town Centre. The logo must not be used for political lobbying or campaigning purposes.

Town Centre Brand Kit

Please use the information in this brand kit to guide your promotional activity.

Please note that not all of these images may be fully accessible to those using screen readers. If you would like an accessible copy, please contact us.