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Why do we have an app?

It’s a fact that more people than ever are using mobile phones to access the internet rather than a PC or laptop. Our app is interactive with key functions to allow access to information on demand, providing residents and interested parties with an easy way to find out more about what we are up to and a method to get in touch.

We believe our app is a great tool to help to facilitate the spread of information within the community.

Key Benefits  

There is no doubt that the call to action buttons are a great feature, allowing you to easily make a call, submit a contact us form or a photo with an issue which requires attention or even sharing your experience at one of our community events.

The event feature allows you to synchronise the events with your phone’s calendar, ensuring you never miss out!

Push notifications are used to deliver instant messages to devices with the app installed, keeping residents up to date with latest news, issues and upcoming events.

Main Features

  • Events – find out about all of our upcoming events and even save them into your calendar
  • Council – councillors, meetings, agendas and reports
  • Photo – submit photos, for example of issues and events attended
  • Notifications – instant pop-up news alerts
  • Newsfeed – latest news, projects and events
  • Info – town guide, About Town Newsletters