Competition winners announced!

We are delighted to announce the four winners of four Creative Writing Competition! Not only do they win a book token each, their work or excerpts of it may be used across our website and in future promotion of our town.

Congratulations to the four winners and thanks to everyone who entered.

by Jane Baker

Leighton Buzzard is a pleasant place,
With amenities and open space.
There are some lovely walks around,
Starting with Parson’s Close Recreation ground.

Then we have new Astral Park,
Where joggers run, up with the lark.
Further afield are Stockgrove and Rushmere,
All kinds of wildlife to be found here.

Pages Park is lots of fun,
There’s something here for everyone;
And Adam’s Bottom too,
With a footpath to walk through.

Our railway is of narrow gauge,
For passengers of every age.
It mostly runs in summer time,
And when it does, it’s just sublime.

So, all in all, you must agree,
Leighton-Linslade is good to see.
We may not have a seaside shore,
But, as you’ll find, there is lots more.

Entry by Lorna Neale

A large front window, the outlook beyond a silent cul de sac with motionless cars, static lives, no sign of human life.

Beyond this tiny residential street is a town full of possibilities. A library and theatre bringing with it cultural enlightenment. A book or a show for every taste. A chance to step into a novel from childhood. Hunting down a golden ticket here a gaggle of tiny people there.

The high street with many an independent vendor. Bringing with it variety and choice, a ray of sunshine and respite from the bright lights of the nearby city of roundabouts and concrete cows.

A bustling market, an outside treat. Bringing the term ‘market town’ to life each week. Server to all generations. The market cross keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.

With a glancing look from the Grand Union Canal and Ouzel, the grand treetops of our county parks. Spoilt for choice for open spaces, nature at its best.

I give you, Leighton Buzzard and Linslade, something for everyone.

Excerpt of entry
by Kate Maidment

Hi My name is Nanny K From seesingsay
I am dyslexic & never had
I written a poem before Lockdown
Wondering around our parks & town
Seeing so much more than before
Lakes rivers canal & streams
Fields hedges plants & trees
Animals insects birds & bees
All in Nature’s Wonderful World
They all have truly inspired me
To put my thoughts down & to
Share them with my family & friends
It’s helped me during the hard days
To read & write in rhythms & rhymes
& to Pause Reflect & Appreciate Life Everywhere & Sharing & Caring about our Wonderful World

by Tony Tomkins

The sandhills simmer in the summer sun.
Trees hang listless in their shade
falling over the railway lines.

In distant view, the lion looks across
to this scene of warm contentment
of lush farmland quiet with crops.

Upon the still, warm air
white clouds of steam drift slowly
over the roofs of lineside houses.

The train approaches. Small locomotive
with bustle and hustle swings along the rails
hot in the afternoon sun.

Closer, the travellers are seen,
quiet enjoyment in their eyes contrasts with
the laughter filled delight of the children
riding the iron horse to Stonehenge.

Gathering speed, the train slides gently by
leaving the echo of its passing
on the warm, still air while
the sandhills shimmer in the summer sun.

In November last year we received this wonderful poem entitled ‘Leighton Buzzard’, written by local resident Naomi Janes together with a photograph taken by Craig Sweetman, which inspired the competition. Thank you Naomi for sending it in!


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