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Parson's Close Recreation Ground

Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III

Save the Date!

Come and join us on Saturday 6 May 2023 at Parson’s Close Recreation Ground to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.

This is a free family event, we encourage you to come along with your family and friends, bring a picnic to celebrate this special occasion.

Lots will be happening on the day including:

  • Live-screening of the Coronation
  • Street Theatre
  • Family Film Screenings
  • Live Music
  • Firework Finale

We are waiting for confirmed timings of the Coronation from Buckingham Palace. Once we have these we will be able to provide a full detailed timetable of the day.

What's happening nationally?

Coronation weekend:

Buckingham Palace has announced the following plans for the Coronation Weekend

  • Saturday 6 May: Coronation service in Westminster Abbey; coronation procession; Buckingham Palace balcony
  • Sunday 7 May: Concert and lightshow at Windsor Castle; Coronation Big Lunch street parties
  • Monday 8 May: Extra bank holiday; Big Help Out encouraging people to get involved in local volunteering

The Coronation Big Lunch

Neighbours and communities across the United Kingdom are invited to share food and fun together at Coronation Big Lunches on Sunday 7th May 2023, in a nationwide act of celebration and friendship. From a cup of tea with a neighbour to a street party, a Coronation Big Lunch brings the celebrations to your neighbourhood and is a great way to get to know your community a little better.

The Coronation Big Lunch will be overseen and organised by the Big Lunch team at the Eden Project. Free downloadable resources are available online at CoronationBigLunch.com, to help people and communities start their Coronation Big Lunch planning.

Please note that as plans were already well underway for the 2023 Big Lunch Food Festival in the High Street prior to the change of national date being announced, this event will still take place as originally scheduled on Sunday, 4 June. For more details visit the event page.

The Big Help Out

The Big Help Out will be held on Monday, 8th May 2023. In tribute to His Majesty The King’s public service, The Big Help Out will encourage people to try volunteering for themselves and join the work being undertaken to support their local areas. The aim of The Big Help Out is to use volunteering to bring communities together and create a lasting volunteering legacy from the Coronation Weekend.

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Street Party Road Closures

If you are planning on organising a street party, and want to close your road, you will need to apply for a Temporary Road Closure from Central Bedfordshire Council. They are encouraging residents to apply now for street parties to celebrate the King’s coronation.

Anyone wanting to close a road for a street party will need to apply to them at streetworks@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk by 20th March 2023, using the TTRO application form and send with a clearly marked map showing exact extents of the closure.

Recognising the social and community benefits of celebrating this historic event, Central Bedfordshire Council have decided to waive the usual road closure fees in hope of encouraging as many people as possible to take up the opportunity to celebrate this momentous occasion.

There are differences for each street party depending on the size. The basic rule is that they’re not disruptive, they’re small scale and they’re free to attend.

Here are some specific conditions:

  • Emergency service vehicles always need access.
  • Disabled drivers must be able to access disabled parking bays.
  • You’ll need to speak to residents who will be affected by the road closure to make sure they haven’t got any objections.
  • You can only apply to close the same section of road once a year.
  • Road closures will only be effective when signs are in place.
  • All rubbish must be cleared up.
  • You can’t damage the road surface.
  • Signs need to be clearly visible to all road users.
  • If you want to sell alcohol or food, you need authorisation from your local authority.
  • You can’t charge people to attend the event.
  • Music shouldn’t disrupt local residents.
  • If the street party is to be held on a bus route then they may incur a charge.
  • The event can’t be publicised, advertised or opened to the wider public.

The Government and Street Party website also have plenty of advice and free information packs on how to organise an official Coronation street party.

Hosting your Street Party

How to throw an eco friendly party.

  • Ditch the plastic bunting – A party wouldn’t be complete without bunting! why not make your own material bunting from fabric, old sheets or clothes? Perhaps you have scrap paper, magazines or flyers which can be made into paper chains and streamers? Or maybe you have some old bunting from previous events that you can reuse.
  • Use Tupperware instead of clingfilm – Instead of using single-use clingfilm, why not use old, clean takeaway tubs, lunch boxes or Tupperware to store your food in?
  • Try reusable tableware – Instead of using plastic cups and plates which can’t be recycled, why not try paper as an alternative? Better still, ask people to bring their own picnic sets or tableware from home, which can be washed and used again!
  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! – Don’t forget that you can recycle your cans, bottles, glass, food waste and much more in your household recycling or at your local tidy tip. Find out what can go in your bins on the Central Bedfordshire Council website.

If you fancy making some food for your party, why not try some of these classic recipes:

Looking for some inspiration for Party Games? You could:

  • Pin the Crown on the King – Print or draw a picture of the King and cut out a crown.  Blindfolded, take it in turns to stick the crown in the right place on the Kings head.
  • Royal Charades – Take it in turns to act out words or phrases relating to the King or the Coronation.
  • Musical Thrones – A twist on Musical Chairs, let the kids decorate chairs into thrones, followed by a game of musical chairs to see who will be crowned the winner.
  • Pass the Parcel – Wrap up a royal prize and play pass the parcel
  • Sports Day – great for a street party, get yourselves into teams for a tug of war, run the egg and spoon race or see who can cross the line first in a three legged race!
  • Coronation Bingo – Create your very own game of bingo using words or items relating to the King or the Coronation. First one to fill their card wins!
  • Coronation Quiz – Why not put together your own Coronation Quiz? This could be based on the King, The Royal Family or the Coronation.

Free pintable’s and party ideas for the Coronation including diy decorations, party food ideas and party games are available on the eparenting website.

Making Memories

We would love to see photos of you attending our events, organising your own events, getting crafty and having fun! Please send us any photos that you would be happy to share by email to communications@leightonlinslade-tc.gov.uk or tag us @LLTCNews on Facebook & Instagram. (Please note that photos of children should only be shared with the parents/guardians permission. We will assume that permission is granted if such photos are sent)

Previous Royal Celebrations

Thank you to Leighton Buzzard District Archaeological and Historical Society for the photo’s below of previous Royal celebrations within the town.

Photo one is a picture of the High Street taken on August 9, 1902 when the town was jointly celebrating the coronation of Edward VII and the end of the Boer War in South Africa. This picture is provided by Keith Burchell from the Anderson collection, photographers, formerly of the High Street. The picture shows the metal hitching posts to which the cattle used to be tied on market days were made use of on this occasion to anchor evergreen boughs and between them were looped festoons. The soldiers were marching home again and the Beds Imperial Yeomanry were on parade leading a tableaux of the Kings and Queens of England.

Photo two is George V’s coronation,  taken on June 22, 1911 in Church Square. Note the Leighton firemen in their lovely uniforms and, the boaters and the gents wearing sashes. Photo credit Keith Burchell.

Photo three is a lovely picture of the Old Fire Station as decorated in 1953. This was donated to Leighton Buzzard Archaeological and Historical Society by Maggie Stannard who wrote a history of the Old Town Hall.