Community Emergency Plan

In January 2020, the Town Council adopted a Community Emergency Plan for the parish.  This document provides a framework which will allow us to help support Central Bedfordshire Council in the event of a formal emergency situation, by providing information on local facilities and local volunteers.

What might constitute an emergency?

The types of scenarios which might result in a designated “emergency” include flooding, major fire, major travel disruption due to an accident or incident, industrial accidents, significant weather events or utilities failures such as the town-wide water shortage which occurred in December 2019.

Who initiates an emergency process?

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, Central Bedfordshire Council has the statutory responsibility for emergency planning and it has procedures in place to initiate plans in the event of an emergency situation.

The Town Council will only initiate its emergency plan when Central Bedfordshire Council has formally declared an emergency situation.


Central Bedfordshire Council

Preparing For an Emergency

The website www.BedfordshirePrepared.org.uk is a useful source of information to help prepare yourself, your community and your business for an emergency situation. It includes for example:

  • top tips to prepare your home in case of a flood, fire or utilities shortage
  • what to include in a home emergency kit or a car emergency kit
  • programming an “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) number into your mobile phone
  • a checklist for a business health check

To find out more please visit BefordshirePrepared

You can also source helpful advice on preparing for weather conditions from the Met Office

Would you like to get involved?

The Town Council is keen to hear from residents who would be willing to be part of an Emergency Plan Team, meeting twice a year to keep the plan under review and to consider different emergency scenarios.

If you would prefer to simply be called upon in the event of a formal emergency, please get in touch to provide us with your details. We will contact you once a year to check you are still happy to remain on our Emergency Volunteer List.

To volunteer for either of these options, please contact the Town Council on 01525 631920 or by email on: info@leightonlinslade-tc.gov.uk

Another option is to become part of the Bedfordshire Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT volunteers are provided with training and uniform. To find out more please visit: BedfordshirePrepared

Registering for Priority Services

Many utility providers have a Priority Services Register which means people will get additional help in an emergency situation. If you or someone you know is reliant on medical equipment, has limited mobility or a disability, or has a serious or long term illness, you may be eligible to register. To find out more, please contact your utility provider directly.

The details below are correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.

Anglian Water
Cadent Gas 
GTC/ Independent Pipelines Ltd
Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem)
Thames Water
UK Power Networks (UKPN) 
Western Power