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Welcome to Buzzard Trails, home to interactive trails in Leighton Buzzard – find out more about the town, its history and the people of our past. We are creating multiple channels for people to enjoy our Trails whether it by using the app or the free maps provided.

The Living History Trail. Discover who walked down these streets before you. This trail captures a glimpse into the lives of ordinary townsfolk and shares the impact they left on the town’s history. What mark will you leave?

For a full interactive experience, including audio, a quiz and our selfie feature please download the app via your app store and span the decades as you take each step into the history of people’s lives.

Download the BUZZARD TRAILS APP using the links below. If you would like to find out how Alexander Muddiman, Kitty Towers, Alfred Waterhouse and Alice Dunleavy left their mark on the town please download our app or visit our Living History Trail page.

Mouse holding a pencil The Leighton-Linslade Children’s Trail is COMING SOON to the Buzzard Trails app! Until then find out more and download your map.

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