What is the Annual Parish Meeting?

At our Annual Parish Meeting, you can find out what your Town Council does and how we have supported the local community in the last year.
There will be a brief presentation and then an opportunity to ask questions about what the Town Council does.

Questions can be asked by electors in Leighton-Linslade either in person by attending the meeting, or submitted in advance by email or via the Contact Us form added to this page before the meeting. We ask you to keep questions brief and to the point.  If a question is unable to be answered immediately, e.g. in order to allow research to be undertaken, a response may need to be provided at a later date. We will publish all questions and answers in the minutes, after the meeting.

There may also be the opportunity to chat informally with town councillors and officers after the formal part of the meeting has finished.

This year (2023) the presentation was carrried out by a representatives of Greensand Country. Leighton -Linslade is located at the western gateway of Greensand Country, with the Greensand Ridge Walk and cycle way stretching over 40 miles across to Gamlingay in the east. The area offers great diversity with opportunities for walking, cycling and horse riding, many annual events and activities, historic attractions and a range of towns and villages to visit. In 2023 a gateway feature will be installed in the town centre for the Greensand Ridge Walk and cycle way. To find out more visit the Greensand Country website.

What is LLTC responsible for?

In Central Bedfordshire, there is currently a two-tier structure of local government, consisting of the parish and town councils and Central Bedfordshire Council.  Each tier of local government has its own responsibilities. As a general guide, those responsibilities are:

Parish and Town Councils – parks and gardens, local recreational facilities.

Local Authorities – housing, environmental health, local planning, refuse collection, recycling, leisure centres, Council Tax collection, economic development, tourist information, libraries, arts and culture, adult social care, services for children, young people and families, highways (except trunk roads), waste disposal, economic development and tourism, strategic planning, environment, fire and emergency planning, registration, trading standards, museums and archives.

The main services provided by Leighton-Linslade Town Council are set out below. We ask that you please check that your question relates to one of our areas of responsibility before submitting.

  • Parks & open spaces
  • Cemeteries
  • Allotments
  • Pavilions
  • Sports pitches
  • Floral Displays
  • Community Gardens
  • Community Events (e.g. Canal Festivals & Band Concerts)
  • The Market
  • TACTIC (Teenage Advice & Information Centre)
  • Multi-storey Toilets
  • Buzz Trails
  • Christmas Illuminations
  • Meetings
  • Governance
  • Bookings
  • The Town Mayor
  • Civic Events & Mayoral Fundraisers
  • Grants
  • Awards (e.g. Honorary Freeman, Community Volunteer Awards and Young People Awards)