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Many of us are enjoying life in our fifties and above. One of the Town Council’s 5-Year Strategic Objectives is to ‘consider ways to support the increase in leisure opportunities for older people’.

In 2020 the Town Council undertook a survey of over 55-year-olds alongside the scoping for gaps in need through conversations with local groups and organisations.

Issues identified included digital exclusion and the lack of centralised information about activities existing for over 55s in the community. These issues became magnified by Covid-19.

A Sub Committee is now focusing its efforts on creating practical solutions and initiatives which we will be launching through this 55up work.

Tender Update – 55up Technology Helpline

Thank you to everyone who submitted a tender for the development Technology Helpline. The project is currently being allocated to a supplier.

Project Details:
Covid-19 has shown us that supporting older people to use technology is fundamental to reducing their loneliness and the negative effects of increased isolation. The Town Council seeks to address the issue by investing funds into the development and delivery of a ‘technology helpline’, as well as through face-to-face support, that assists those aged 55 and up to have the ability, skills set and confidence, to use digital devices.

This invitation to tender is for the development and delivery of this work to run as a pilot scheme for two years. This Technology Helpline is one of several initiatives being carried out under the project banner ‘55up’ to support Parish residents who are over 55 years old.