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Town Council Objectives 2018-2021

Since 2015, the Town Council has been working towards achieving 41 objectives with three main themes:

  • To consolidate processes and procedures, ensuring operational efficiency and a structure which will underpin future service delivery by the Town Council
  • To promote and develop a vibrant town through partnership working and initiatives including management of the street market, provision of town and community promotions, town centre enhancements, tourism and practical support for local businesses.
  • To provide great public open spaces, varied opportunities for sport and leisure and to exceed expectations in delivering cemetery and allotment services.

Many of the identified objectives have been partly or wholly completed and the Town Council is working towards development of its next three year plan. In addition to objectives carried forward from the current plan, this will also incorporate a number of aspirations carried forward from Big Plan II (the adopted parish plan for 2011-2017)

We would like your views on our objectives – please review the document below and respond to the three questions.

Thank you for your time.

Three Year Objectives 2018-2021 

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