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Leighton Buzzard Market Relaunch Consultation

Last autumn, The Retail Group was contracted by Leighton-Linslade Town Council to review the Leighton Buzzard Market and identify potential areas for improvement of the markets operations and the overall layout. The report included a number of key recommendations for Council to consider in looking to make the market a vibrant and welcoming place for shoppers and traders alike.

When will the consultation happen?
Between 25th April and 6th May, a number of consultation opportunities for Traders, High Street retailers, members of interested groups and the public took place to provide input on the key recommendations.

Two Trader-specific sessions took place on Tuesday 25th April and Saturday 29th April following the close of the market. There was also an opportunity for anyone interested to provide input at a consultation market stall on Tuesday 2nd May and 6th May. 

Why Change the market at all?
Nationally, markets have recognised the need to respond to changing customer demands. Locally, survey feedback from shoppers, retailers and traders showed that the market is not faring as well as the surrounding retail offer. The report recommendations aim to address and improve this situation. 

What happened after consultation?

The results of the consultation were collated, together with comments from the Highway Authority, National Market Traders Federation and various other interested parties and this information was presented to a public meeting of the Market Sub-Committee on June 6th. Members considered options for the layout of the market, which included using both sides of the road and different ways of using the available space. It was agreed to pursue the option of utilising one side of the High Street, the area around the Market Cross and part of Market Square. This was recommended to the Culture and Economic Services Committee (C&E) on a unanimous decision. It was also recommended to set a maximum stall size of 3 pitches each of 3mx3m. These recommendations were approved by the C&E Committee on 12th June. We expect the agreed recommendations will be put in place over the coming months.

Read more here on the outcome following recent consultation with members of the public, traders and stakeholders.

Approved new layout map 








At the Cultural & Economic Services Committee held on 12 June 2017, a summary of consultation feedback was presented in Appendix B of the main report. Read the summary here.

The links below provide background information and offer answers to some frequently asked questions.

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